C'est une tout autre histoire

vendredi, le 21 août 2009

This is dedicated to everybody who has ever fallen head over heels in love with the wrong right person, ever had their heart torn apart, their soul trodden on and had to claw their way back from the crushing disappointment of unrequitted love. This is dedicated to those who arrive with offerings of soul food, intended to heal and to nurture, to nourish and restore, made strictly according to best kept secret recipes. Some are exotic, rich, fragrant dishes, some are the finest of French classics, some simple peasant food, some a slice of toast buttered with love in all four corners, some hot and spicy, some comforting old favourites and some refreshingly foreign and new.

But why is this a very different story? This story is no different to a story millions have heard, lived, hurt and healed over time. But this time I want it to be a different story for me. The emotionally difficult relationship I was in, was brutally, cruelly and maliciously ended for me on 5 June 2009. By then it had spanned more than 13 years.

Now it's time for me. I want to heal, I want to grow, I want to escape the emotional neglect, the emotional rejection, the emotional abuse. I want to be whole again, I want to love again, I want to live again.

I like the fact that the French translate a story, albeit an account or a tale, with the word 'histoire'. To my 'anglais' ear it sounds like history and this is what I want this to be - a documentation, a history if you will, of a voyage to me. It is intended to be the photo journal of Rispa Frances. And I hope to grow as great as my Dane and as soft, furry, independent and content as my many cats.

Rispa Frances is an obvious pseudonym, chosen for very personal reasons. Rispa then an anagram for Paris and Frances meaning 'from France' or 'Frenchman'. I'm an incurable Francophile and have a deep love of all things French, but I have a severe disability to master the language. So Rispa Frances will tell my tale.

Rispa works for me. With time she may become Ris for short. Ris de veau is right up there with Magret de Canard, Foie Gras and Crème Brûlée as my favourite French dishes and 'ris' is laughter. Laughter, good food, good wine and good company - what more could a girl want? Just a bit of love will do nicely, thank you!

(This photo was taken from Pont Alexandre III, the most beautiful bridge of all across the Seine. I love the look and feel of this photo. It is dreamy, romantic and a bit old-worldy. It struck me the other day that another anagram for Paris is Pairs. I never experienced Paris with L’homme as us being a real, involved, committed pair. For me, Paris and I are a pair. My soul is happy there.)

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