Happy Birthday

jeudi, le 25 février 2010

Today was My Mother’s 92nd birthday.

A toast to you, the most remarkable, amazing woman whom I admire so incredibly much and whom I adore.

Thank you for your love, your caring and above all, your ability to accept things you may not approve of or be able to make any sense of.

(Some music musings: My Mother’s all time favourite song: La vie en rose. ‘And I wish for you that the rest of your life be spent in a world where roses bloom and the angels sing from above for you, every day.’)

(The story in the photograph: To celebrate My Mother’s 90th birthday, I took her, L’homme, and myself off to the city I adored. At a beautiful venue overlooking the sea, we had a wonderful dinner party with family and friends.)


  1. This is lovely, my dear. Please drop by and pick up your little surprise.


  2. this is so gorgeous!!!!!
    so glad I've found your blog!