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mercredi, le 06 juin 2012

I was catapulted into making this lifestyle choice a daily routine three years ago. I would lie if I said I enthusiastically dragged myself away from whatever I was busy with to take The Princess for her walk in the local park every day. But in true Pavlovian style, she reminds me every late afternoon that it is time for us to go. Such is my loyalty, commitment and dedication to anyone but myself, that I willingly oblige.

There are early morning walkers and late afternoon walkers. There are joggers and cyclists. There are big dogs and small dogs. There are pretty dogs and ugly dogs. There are dogs that swim and dogs that don’t. There are dogs that chase balls and dogs that don’t. There are dogs on leashes and dogs who roam free. We’re a motley crew. Some of us have a lot in common and some of us nothing at all. But the glue that binds us is our undeniable love for our dogs.

Over the years, both The Princess and I have forged wonderful and lasting friendships in the park. The park has been kind to us both.

For most of my adult life I considered myself to be a cat person. I preferred their independence. Their indifference. But then a series of armed robberies forced me to get a dog. It was a difficult decision. I feared for my cats. I feared for myself.

I think it was on the second or third day after The Princess came to live with us that I fell head over heels in love with her. She has opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know existed. She has changed my life. And I adore her with all my heart.

The Princess was undoubtedly a choice that impacted positively on my life in countless ways.

The photograph: This is a spectacularly bad photograph taken in the park with my phone this afternoon of The Princess marveling at the beautiful sunset.

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