Attention Withdrawal

jeudi, le 08 octobre 2009

Even The Princess is suffering from attention withdrawal. She can’t work out why her daily walk has suddenly turned into a short jog through the park. There’s no more lingering at the dam where she loves to swim, there’s no more indulging her hide and seek games in the water flowers.

I keep telling her that she is still very special, that I still love her very much, but it’s this avalanche of work. These numbers and graphs and all things boring that need to be turned into words. I keep telling her it will pass, hopefully soon.

She can’t work out why she now spends so much time in the big bed on her own. Maybe with a cat or two to share her space. But there’s no more me for much longer than an hour or two at the oddest hours.

The tragedy when work gobbles up life! But this too shall pass, hopefully soon.

(The story in the photograph: The Princess playing her private ball games in the water flowers.)

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  1. What an adorable picture! She looks so happy. Doesn't it break your heart to know that without you giving them attention, your pets look so gloomy. All they want is to be loved by you.