Meeting with inspiration

mardi, le 15 septembre 2009

I rush back from The Physio, thankfully with no more bags of pills and promise that my treatment may soon be over. These frequent trips are becoming tedious, but I understand their importance in keeping my back straight and strong. The last thing I can afford now is to buckle under a broken back. I already am buckling under a broken heart.

The Actress and I walk our dogs early today. We bump into The Poker Man. Not only has he been kind and generous with his support over the past few months, but his warped sense of humour and oblique take on life amuses me.

The Actress’ large black hound and The Princess play boisterously, with teeth exposed and paws wildly clawing the air. The Poker Man’s dogs run along, noses to the ground, looking for treasures under every blade of grass. With a loud yelp The Princess comes running from the bushes, straight towards me, pointing with her nose to her bum. The Actress’ dog in hot pursuit. The Princess, yet again, has a nick on her bum. Thankfully this time only a surface wound that will not require any stitches. I give her a huge big hug and a few biscuits. After walking calmly next to me for a while, she can’t resist the play invitations from her friend and bolts off into the tall grass at high speed.

The Actress has a called a meeting with a couple of artistic friends to discuss an idea for a creative centre she has been carrying around for some time. I’m not entirely sure why I was included in the meeting. I have little of artistic value to contribute. I nonetheless enjoy the enthusiastic chatter.

On my way to the shop after the meeting, I realise the importance of enthusiasm. The importance of finding a dream, of sharing it with others and of working towards it. Right now my life is not full of very realistic dreams, but it will be again, one day, maybe.

(The Actress’ large black hound leaping out of the water like the Loch Ness Monster with a stick in the mouth. The Princess enjoys playing with him, though he can be rough and overbearing at times. She mostly carefully watches her back to avoid an accidental nip from an exposed fang. She is a princess, after all, and plastic surgery has its price!)

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