Time for thinking, time for feeling, time for etching.

samedi, le 19 Septembre 2009

The wings of time
faintly whisper magic spells
softly promise healing
meekly mention change

The hands of time
tick past the trickery
of an aching heart
willing on the mind

The certainty of time
sprinkles fairy dust
on the gaping wound
lighting a path for reason

Time for feeling
time for thinking
time for tragedy
time for comedy
~Rispa Frances

I dropped in at The Artist’s house today with some delicious home industry treats. She has an upcoming exhibition and needs to stock up on her etchings.

She delicately draws her images on the etching plate, dips it in acid, carefully applies the ink and then… the anticipation as the plate rolls under the press. The delight at another beautiful work of art!

I’m in awe. She convinces me it’s easy. I confess that I cannot draw a stick man. But before I know it she thrusts a tiny etch plate in my hand and tells me to draw anything I see in the room. I nervously look around and my eyes keep going back to an antique clock. So it happened that I made my very first, very own etch!

It’s doubtful that I’d ever coquettishly be able to use the old romantic cliché ’want to come up and see my etchings?’ with reference to etchings by my hand. It may be more likely that I will be referred to, as was the girl in The Thin Man, ’She just wanted to show me some French etchings’. I have many etchings albeit that none of them are French!

Today I was really inspired, I just love creative processes and cringe at my own inabilities, but who cares?

I loaded The Artist’s hound in the car, came home to pick up The Princess and the three of us had a great time in the park.

As always, I so badly wanted to share this silly little piece of my creation with L’homme. I shared it with The Princess instead. Somewhere in all this insanity there must be sanity, but right now my heart hurts too much for my head to think.

(My first etching.)

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  1. You did Great on the etching! The Poem was Beautiful; Heartbreaking yet Hopeful... Loved It. If your heart hurts too much for your head to think, then think with your Heart. Sanity is Over-rated.