Strange how things happen

mercredi, le 02 septembre 2009

For weeks now I’ve been sitting in a virtually empty shop, playing virtual games with friends near and far to while the time.

No sooner had The Princess and I arrived at the shop tonight, and the crowds start pouring in. And no, this is not courtesy of establishments that recently closed down, it’s a group of Belgians touring the county.

They marvel at The Princess lying so gracefully and regally on her Ottoman, happy to be patted and stroked by all who walks past. Out come the cell phones, the cameras and The Princes smiles widely at all the attention.

My Famous Friend loves referring to The Princess as a super model – exceptionally beautiful, but equally dim. I don’t whole heartedly agree with him, but I sometimes think he may have a point.

I remember a trip abroad and I was snapping away at L’homme, definitely with a lens, but possibly verbally as well, in a train on the way to nowhere or from somewhere. L’homme remarked to fellow passengers: ‘I’m famous, I’m the most photographed person.

That may hold true when I run out of objects to happily snap away at in places afar. But back home, The Princess is far more famous and far more photographed, by me and all who enter the bar. And she is my super model, dim or not!

I’m infinitely relieved to see the number of cocktails being passed over the bar. As the glasses are poured fuller, I see my debt to my liquor supplier running emptier.

(A French Dane in a bar opposite Tour St Jacques taken on our first day in Paris in July 2008. The Belgians in the shop tonight taking photos of The Princess reminded me of myself taking photos of dogs when The Princess is far away.)

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